Juliana Kanyomozi engaged in a discussion with fellow songstress Cindy Sanyu on her talk show titled "Sit Down with Juliana," covering a variety of topics.

Cindy mentioned that she gleaned qualities of gracefulness, fashion sense, and humility from Juliana. Juliana, in turn, commended Cindy for her consistency and growth over the years.

Cindy explained that she adopted the moniker "the King Herself" when celebrities began forming fan groups under various camps. Wanting to distinguish herself, Cindy, as the leader of her group, bestowed this title upon herself. She observed that many women were already adopting the title "queen," and she sought to stand out.

Raised by a single mother without a father figure, Cindy described herself as tomboyish until her time with Blu*3, where she learned to embrace femininity. Despite this, she admitted to still disliking dresses and growing her hair long.

Her focus on parenting has significantly diverted her attention from music. She credited her elder sister, Daphine Kyalingonza, for continuing to manage, style, and provide unwavering support.

Juliana acknowledged the support of her sister, Laura Kahunde, and Eddie Ndawula. Regarding the federation role, Cindy expressed curiosity about Juliana's decision, to which Juliana deferred for another discussion.

Cindy recounted feeling sidelined by fellow musicians during a visit to Gulu to meet Gen. Salim Saleh, despite her position as the president of UMA. Juliana shared her reasons for stepping back from the federation role, citing the disrespect faced by Julius Kyazze during his tenure.

Cindy appreciated the encouragement she received from past leaders like Julius Kyazze during challenging times. Juliana recounted an incident where she sustained injuries onstage, lamenting the lack of concern from event organizers, emphasizing the need for improved artist security.

Juliana highlighted the gender pay gap in the industry, stating that men receive higher compensation than women. Blu*3 served as backup artists for Juliana's first concert, and she expressed intent to attend their reunion concert.

Cindy disclosed a past rift with Jackie and Lilian, which they eventually resolved. She praised Navio as a dependable friend and expressed remorse to Steve Jean, acknowledging his support and seeking forgiveness for any hurt caused.

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