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John Blaq
Afro Pop Artist

John Blaq says that if he wasn't an artist, he would be a store that sold things like cars, gadgets, and other electrical appliances.

How I grew up and went to school

John Blaq is a Musoga from Uganda's Jinja district. He was born on July 16, 1996, to Mr. Musa Waiswa Zodolo and Mrs. Annet Nabirye.

He was raised by his aunt in Bweyogerere, which is near Kampala. Because his parents couldn't pay for school, his aunt paid for him to go to school.

John Kasadha went to Lwanda Primary School and Hassan Tourabi Primary School. He then went to Bweyogerere Secondary School for both his O-Level and A-Level.

John went through a lot of hard times with his aunt because he often went to bed hungry.

He sometimes didn't have enough money to pay for school, but he didn't give up. Instead, he was motivated to work hard on his music.

Career in Music

John Blaq got into music when he was in high school. There were rap battles there, and he wanted to take part. He always came out on top in the rap battles, so he knew he had talent.

John is a rapper, but he doesn't do hip-hop because he heard that it didn't do well and didn't make much money in Uganda.

"I knew what the market wanted, and since hip-hop wasn't doing well, it was hard to make money from it." "I chose the trend because I can do both dancehall and raga, but I'm most passionate about hip-hop, which I do for fun," said John Blaq.

In the Buddies studio, he recorded his first song, "More Fire," with a famous producer from Uganda named Andy Music. After that, he worked on his second hit, Tukwatagane, which was a big hit in Uganda.

He said that the response from his fans was so great because they liked every song he put out. In a short time, his name became known, and he was able to get big endorsement deals.

He still thinks that his breakthrough came from being so focused and patient, surrounding himself with good people who helped him and kept him from making mistakes he didn't need to make, and praying to God.

He says that Aya Baasi is his trademark because it's like a start button, so he used it every time he went into the studio to record a song. He would say it like it was nothing, but people liked it. It has become his catchphrase.

John Blaq gets his ideas from the late Mowzey Radio, whose real name was Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo. His lyrics were very mature, and his voice was amazing. Late Mowzey got his musical nerves going, which pushed him into the business.

Internationally, he looks up to Burna Boy, a big star from Nigeria, because of his style.

Awards: Best Afrobeat song at the 2020 HiPiPo Music Awards

Best Afropop song at the 2020 HiPiPo Music Awards

Best New Artist at the 2020 HiPiPo Music Awards

Song of the Year at the 2020 HiPiPo Music Awards.

2020 Zzina Awards: Best Male Artist 2019 BTA: Teeniez Artist of the Year.

2019 BTA – Teeniez Breakthrough Artiste

Teeniez Male Artist of the Year for 2019.


Best Afrobeat song at the 2020 HiPiPo Music Awards

Best Afropop song at the 2020 HiPiPo Music Awards

Best New Artist at the 2020 HiPiPo Music Awards. Song of the Year at the 2020 HiPiPo Music Awards.

2019 BUZZ TEENIEZ Awards: Teeniez Artist of the Year 2019 BTA: Teeniez Male Artist 2019 BTA: Teeniez Song Writer 2019 BTA: Teeniez Breakthrough Artist 2019 BTA: Teeniez Hottest Song of the Year 2019 BTA: Teeniez Hottest Collabo

2019 BTA – Teeniez Dancehall Artiste.

John Blaq singles/songs

Obubadi Mama Bulamu

Do Dat Hullo Ebyalagirwa

Makanika \sNekwatako

Don't stop Mu Lubiri Romantic

Tombawala \sEbintu Byo \sNgamba

Albums 2019 Tukwatagane should not stop.


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Oli Wamanyi featuring Slim Prince

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DJ V X Faisal X VIP Jemo X Mosh Mavako were on the show.

Remix of Sweet Love with Vinka Tewelumya Mutwe John Blaq X Jowy Landa x Dj Shiru Ebintu Byo John Blaq X Ykee Benda Wampise with BB Zanda X Xtra Empire Soljahz

You know, it has John Blaq and Caris Mucha on it.

Don't stop putting John Blaq X Daddy Andre on your lists.

Replace Me, which has John Blaq X Grenade on it Kyoyoya's official music video, with John Blaq, Prince Omar, and Daddy Andre.

Concerts in 2019: Aya Baas

Aya Baasi is his trademark

Aya Baasi is his trademark because it's like a button that makes him move.

John Blaq can't live without these 5 things.

Exercise Phone Bible Food Netflix

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