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David Lutalo
Afro Pop Artist

David Lutalo is an Afro-Pop singer from Uganda. His song "Kapapala" brought him to the public's attention for the first time. David Lutalo is a singer and songwriter from Uganda. He was born on September 12, 1989. He is a well-known musician in Uganda, and at a young age, he went from having nothing to having a lot.

David Lutalo is an Afro-Pop singer from Uganda. His satirical song "Kapapala" brought him to the attention of the public for the first time. Ugandan music fans know him for his clear, sharp, high-pitched voice, which has made him a favorite in both rural and urban areas. Some people thought he was the unofficial Ugandan musician of the year in 2014 because of songs like "Akantu," "Nandikulese mu Kyalo," and "Prettie, Sweetie." He makes music in the style of urban Kadongo Kamu.

He is a big inspiration to young people, especially young people in Uganda who want to make their mark in the music business. Lutalo has probably continued to rule the airwaves in Uganda with his music, both on radio and on TV. He has also done a lot of interviews on both radio and TV.

Early Life and Education by David Lutalo
In September 1986, David Lutalo was born to Mr. Luggya Robinson and Mastula Nassazi in Luweero District, which is one of Uganda's many districts.

His mother is a Muslim and his father is a Born Again Christian. A religious family with a lot of discipline. Lutalo's father told his children that once they turned 20, they could choose any religion they wanted. Religion was never a problem between them.

His mother and father both got up early to go pray. Lutalo's older siblings chose to be Adventists because they believe that religion will get them to heaven. Lutalo, on the other hand, is a born again Christian and goes to Pastor Bugembe's church in Nasana to pray (Light the World Church).

Lutalo went to quite a few schools, like Kikunyu Primary School and Balitta Lwogi Primary School, where he took the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE). Then, he went to Kasana Town Academy Luwero for high school, where he got his Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE). After that, Lutalo went to Busisa Grammar for his A-Level studies, but they stopped halfway through.

Lutalo did half of S.6 because his father was having money problems and had to pay for him to go to school. He really wanted to finish school and even signed up for S.6, but because he worked a lot, he didn't have time to go to class.

He laid bricks to make money for school and to keep himself alive. So, he quit school and tried to make it as a musician. Lutalo started writing songs when he was in school, but he couldn't record them because he didn't have enough money.

When he was in Senior Four, he wrote "Kapapala." Lutalo says that at that time, he was in the school compound when an A-Level student walked by shaking her behind. This inspired him to start writing the song right away.

Most of the songs Lutalo put out were written by him when he was in school. He used to walk around with an exercise book, writing down things that made him laugh and turning them into songs.

Lutalo did well in the arts at school, but not in science because he had to write his own songs. So, there wasn't much time for math. Even though Lutalo's father wanted him to be a doctor, he couldn't take science and music at the same time.

Lutalo wants to go back to school, though. In his story, he says he tried to go back more than once, but his work schedule didn't let him. Lutalo says he wants to go back to school, and once he finds his place in music, he wants to study law or journalism. "Anyone who hasn't seen a blackboard is in trouble, because both talent and education are needed."

The Music Career of David Lutalo
Lutalo loved music, and since he wanted to try his hand at the music business, he decided to try his hand at charcoal burning to make enough money to record his first song.

Lutalo went to a studio that charged him 60,000 Ugandan shillings to record a song, but he could only come up with 10,000 Ugandan shillings.

Since he couldn't come up with the required 60,000USHs, Lutalo decided to negotiate with the studio manager until they agreed that he would pay the rest of the money in installments until he had paid it all.

From these small beginnings, Lutalo was able to capture the Ugandan music audience and put out hit after hit like never before.

During an interview on Capital Radio, he once said that it was hard at first, especially for him to get people to listen to his music. This was because sometimes the radio stations he sent his music to turned it down.

Lutalo says that as time went on, some radio and TV stations started playing his music, and people started showing their support by asking for his music on radio and TV shows.

This is how Lutalo's music changed. From there, people asked him to play at music shows and other events.

When Lutalo was well-known enough in Uganda, he started putting on concerts, which were well-attended.

David Lutalo has been singing since he was a very young child. When he was in S.2, he wrote the Batusosola song. When he was in S.4, he wrote the Kapaapala song.

Lutalo sings about a beautiful woman in the song Kapapala. In other songs, like Janjaba and Batusosola, he talks about people who try to bring others down. Lutalo sings about HIV/AIDS in a Town Y'e Katwe song.

Lutalo's parents knew from the time he was a child that he wanted to be a musician. So, it wasn't a surprise to them. They knew some of the early songs that Lutalo had written down. They would even ask him why he hadn't yet recorded some of them.

Lutalo's music is based on things that happen to him every day. But in most of his songs, Lutalo pretends to be someone else or picks a theme and sings about it. He has a creative mind. In some songs like Nandikulese Mukyalo and Engumba Zange, Lutalo says he sang about real-life happenings.

David Lutalo wrote Engumba Zange because he thought that since everyone dies, he should sing about it.

He says that when he sings the song, a lot of people cry, but that makes him feel happy from the bottom of his heart because it shows that what he has sung has changed people's lives.

Lutalo didn't make up a stage name like some other musicians have. He didn't think it was necessary to do so. His real name, David Lutalo, must be used.

But it's strange that Lutalo does secular music since he is a "born again" Christian. He says that church and music are two different things and that he doesn't bring his fame to church.

When it's time to pray, he prays, and before he writes a song, he prays to God to give him the right words that will touch people's hearts, so that the song doesn't make God look bad.

Lutalo thinks that God has called him to make music. God told him to sing gospel songs like "Ayi Mukama," "Mukama Akusinbye Amaso Abiri," and others that he hasn't written yet.

Lutalo has been making music since 2007, and he has a number of solo songs, such as Kapaapala.
Yamba \sMagumba
Nandikulese Mukyalo
Far Away
Kwasa Eat Zote Mile
Akantu \sNakusiima’onsanula
Ensi \sKoowa Emikwano \sWoowe \sScott Ezra
Mugumu Wa Gyetugenda
Ujuwe \sMile
Ayi Mukama
Twala Byange \sYaamanyi
Nenda \sTolingiliza
Amasanyu Mubufumbo
Omuntu \sOnyoyogera
Nice and Pretty
Nkwagalira Ddala Albums
His first album, Kapapala, has six songs.
Janjaba – 2009 Mile – (feat. Solidstar Shaba)
Okutte Wagumu – 2012 Nakusiima – 2019 Mapenzi – 2014 Far Away – 2014 So Nice 2019
Ngumba Zange – 2012 Mapenzi – 2014 Far Away – 2014
Akantu \sWagyetugenda
Collaborations in Yamba Music
Lutalo has worked with a number of other artists;

Eddy Kenzo and Ziza Bafana in his Mugumu song.
Bebe Cool – I can hear the song in I can see.
Chosen Becky – in Kyosaba song.
Goodlyfe Crew put out a song called "Helena" in 2013.
OS Suuna – in Woowe song.
Solidstar Shaba – In Mile song.
And Maro, a song from Mubbi Bubi that came out in 2014.
Lutalo was in a song called "Togwaamu ssuubi" with other talented musicians, which was directed by his best friend DJ Jacob Mutuuze.

This song was written to help people in Uganda fight against HIV/AIDS.

David Lutalo – Family
Sharon Walukaga is married to David Lutalo, and they have two children together. A girl and a boy.

In 2008, they met. "By then I had Kapaapala as my hit song. I met her at a place he didn't want me to say, and we decided to be one and go together. Lutalo says that he doesn't give any of the women who like him a chance because he's faithful to his wife, he doesn't like temporary things, and the Bible says that there should only be one man and one woman. Lutalo knows what to do when his wife starts to talk about how much he isn't around. "When I see that she's upset, I buy her flowers or other things I know she'll like."

Lutalo's favorite hobby is football. Before he became famous, he used to play football a lot.
He also likes boxing.
Taking in movies
Getting to know his family
Having fun with kids
Lutalo has done a lot in music, and he has a lot to show for it. "I thank God, and I promise my fans that I haven't used the money they give me to drink or get more women. I own a home. I don't want to talk about so many other things."

What young people should know
Lutalo tells the other young people to work hard because hard work is the only way to find peace and everything good.

Crimes (child neglect scandal) (child neglect scandal)
David Lutalo, a well-known musician, filed a complaint against a 52-year-old woman for criminal trespass and slandering him.

The musician went to the Luweero Police Station and told them about the case. He told them about a woman named Naluwoza Josephine, who lives in Njeru Village in the Buikwe District.

The suspect is said to have said that David Lutalo had been bad to their 31-year-old son, Musoke Ronald, who they had together.

Lutalo, who is about the same age as his alleged son, said that the claims were false. After she was told no, the woman went to his parents' house in Kiwogozi, Luweero, and made threats against them.

The woman was given a medical exam, and it was found that she was suffering from a mental illness called Delusional Disorder, which was making her mind very confused.

David Lutalo doesn't know anything about politics because all he knows is music. He says he is not a freedom fighter and will not die for the public. "I'll choose a side that won't hurt me, won't kill me, and has money."

Lutalo says that everyone has an opinion about politics, but that some artists think they can make more money in politics than in music.

They use their fame to try out politics in order to stay alive. If artists were well taken care of, they wouldn't need to run for office.

Lutalo says he doesn't have anything to say about musicians going into politics because they have their own reasons. He says that time will tell.

Lutalo says that the people who took part in the Tubonga Naawe campaign did so for good reasons.

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