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Ziza Bafana
Dance Hall Artist

Richard Kasendwa, who goes by the name Ziza Bafana, is a great artist, songwriter, and guitarist from Uganda. He is a great performer and a raga dancehall who is known for bringing the house down.

Ziza Bafana is a name with a meaning. In the Bible, Ziza is the name of Shiphi's son. In Rwanda, Ziza is the name of someone who can help the president. And Bafana comes from the name of a football team in South Africa called Bafana Bafana.

In 2012, he went to South Africa for a music trip. While there, he went out with a South African friend, and when he got back, his friends started calling him Bafana.

So, Ziza Bafana thought it would be a good name for his stage performances, since Bafana Bafana means "strong youths" and he thinks of himself as one.

Ziza Bafana is a dancehall artist who is unique and tries to make his music sound like it has a Jamaican accent. He has his own style, and most of his music is in the Luganda language and dancehall when it's good.

How I grew up and went to school

Ziza Bafana was born in 1988 in Luvule Village, Masaka District, on the Bukakata Town Road. His parents, Ronald Sseruwoza and Noerina Nansikombi, both of whom died in 2013, raised him. After his parents died when he was 9, he left the village for Kampala.

Ziza Bafana went to Bulenge Primary School, where he played the drums and was a dedicated member of the school's music club. Because he could play the drums well, the school gave him a five-year scholarship. After that, he went to Kyebando P/S, where he took his Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

From there, Ziza Bafana went to St. Stephen's Kyebando Secondary School for his secondary education. But he stopped in the third year of high school because he had no one to pay his school fees.

Bafana moved to Kyebando, a suburb of Kampala, to live with his father's aunt. His school, Bulenge, sent him to Kampala to buy a school ball, and ever since then, he's been looking forward to staying there.

So, when Bafana's parents died, he moved to Kampala to live with his Aunt.

When he was young, Ziza Bafana was known for bad things.

He says that his noisy bike caused trouble in the village when he was younger. Bafana first went to Kampala when his school, Bulenge P/S, sent him there to buy a ball for the school. Since then, he has been eager to move there.

So, when his parents died, he moved to Kampala to live with his father's sister.

learning about ziza bafana's life

He started singing for money in 2011, and he hasn't looked back with his excellent dancehall music.

Experience at Work

Before he became a musician, Ziza Bafana fixed motorcycles in the garage his aunt had set up for him. Later, he went to live with his uncle in Masaka City. His uncle taught him how to fix cars.

Ziza Bafana was also a farmer who grew tomatoes and played the guitar in several Masaka churches, especially the Good News Church, where he got saved and learned how to play music instruments while singing in the church choir.

After he dropped out of school, he moved to Kampala and did the same thing.His music career began in church, where Ziza Bafana sang in the church choir and played the guitar.

He started making music and writing songs. First, he wrote a song for Nkoye Obufumbo Cindy. His first song was called Abakazi Babatulugunya.

Jayo Ntekeyo was Bafana's biggest hit, and it put him on the map. However, Bafana says that the biggest problem in the music industry is that the Ugandan government didn't put music first.

Career in Music

Ziza Bafana started singing professionally in 2011, and he hasn't looked back since with his excellent dancehall music. He raps in Jamaican Patois with words that are hard to understand.

Most of the time, Ziza Bafana's music videos feature scantily-clad girls dancing in ways that are similar to those in Jamaican songs that get a lot of Ugandans excited.

Yiya Moze and Ziza Bafana used to be in a group called Back 2 Life, which is no longer around. Before Back 2 Life, he played music on his own.

Ziza Bafana has been all over the world thanks to his music performances. He has been to Turkey, South Sudan, South Africa, Sweden, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Bafana's original dream was to use his Jamaican patois to bring Ugandan music to the world stage.

He says that his talent was given to him by God and is how he makes a living. Bafana says that his dance moves are art and performance that make his fans interested in his music.

In 2008, he started singing. His first song was "Ayamba," a gospel song that thanked God for His grace. It was made by Samuel Jehu, a music producer who was recommended to him by a friend. After that, he sang "Tebakulimba" with Yiya Moze before they split up.

The two have made quite a few songs together, and Zizia Bafana says that Yiya Mozy wasn't serious and was also a selfish person, which is why they broke up.

But before Ziza Bafana became a professional singer, he was a dancer in church. He also did gospel music and crusades.

After a while, his good friend Mark Africa Kirwana told him that he should do secular music because that's where his voice is best, so he did.

Bafana before the music started (1)

Before going into the music business, he fixed motorcycles in the garage that his Aunt had set up for him.



Gyayo Ntekeyo

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Abantu baffe Batufitina







Jacker \sKankunune

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Ziza Bafana has won three Zzina Awards and three HiPiPo Awards.

Winner of the Rising Star Award twice.

He also won Best of the Best Awards.

Among other things,

In 2015, MTN Smart Series had a brand ambassador.

Belonging to a religion

Ziza Bafana is a Christian family that has been reborn.

Vanessa, Ziza Bafana's ex-wife and the mother of his first child, broke up with him, and now he lives with a woman named Irene. They have a child together.

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