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Vinka, whose real name is Nakiyingi Veronica Luggya and who was born on June 27, 1994, is a singer and songwriter from Uganda who is signed to Swangz Avenue. She is best known for songs like "Malaika," "Omukwano Gwo," and "Mapozi," among others.

Who is Vinka – Vero Luggya's early life and education

Vero Luggya, who is 25 years old and goes by the stage name Vinka, has a bachelor's degree in tourism from Makerere University.

During her time at the record label on Swangz Avenue in Muyenga, she was Irene Ntale's artist manager.

After their song "Stylo," which they did together, came out, Vero Luggya and Irene Ntale had a fight. She is now a well-known musician who has had hits like "Malaika," "Only Love You," "In the Mood," and "Overdose."

Life Music

Before she started singing, Vinka was Irene Ntale's manager. Ntale is a famous Ugandan female musician. They disagreed about money, so they decided to go their separate ways.

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This is when Irene Ntale decided to leave Swangz Avenue, a label that had helped her get songs like "Sembera" and "Gyobera" to the top of the charts.

Vinka decided to start singing, and Benon Mugumya's record label, Swangz Avenue, helped him. In January 2017, she started singing.

She put out a song called "Stylo" as her first single. The song had a lot of sexual hints, but fans liked it.

Vinka was officially introduced to the fans of Ugandan music by the Stylo song. She has kept putting out songs like "Malaika" on radio and TV stations that are popular.

Vinka Songs Stylo ft Irene Ntale

Chips and ketchup on a scale


Overdose ft voltage music

Love panic


By the way Omukwano gwo


Sure, My baibe

Nja kusitula

Oluyyimba lwo mwaka

Only love you Nkubika

Sweet love, your body

Goodie goodie

Yo body Tubikole ft Fik Famaica

Koona \sAmaaso

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